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I am passionate about helping others reduce the toxic load in their home care products for health and environmental concerns. I love to provide eye opening solutions that are simple, effective, affordable and make you say WoW!



I help identify toxins in home care products, provide suggestions and recipes to swap to less toxic options, and offer support to implement those changes in your day to day living.



Goodbye Toxins, Hello Nature!

Goodbye Toxins, Hello Nature. I love that statement- it makes me feel good.  You have probably heard the toxins aren’t so good for us....well you are right!




Respiratory health

Toxic cleaning products can irritate our lungs and even cause long term damage.


Hormone balance

Many any cleaning products have chemicals that act as hormone disruptors which can cause hormone imbalances with in the body.


 Skin issues

Our skin is our largest organ.  Everything that comes in contact with our skin can effect our wellness.  Our skin acts as a protective barrier and toxins being pushed out from our body can cause rashes, dryness, discoloration, and more.


Head tension

Have you ever gone down the cleaning or laundry aisle at the store and were really overwhelmed and maybe got a headache from the smells that you were smelling?  That is all those toxins getting into your body.  Do you really want those toxins inside your home?


Nervous system and cellular health 

Toxins can cause cells to incorrectly replicate and also disrupt the neurotransmitters that the body relies on for nervous system communications.  Toxins can have negative effects our cellular health, nervous system, brain, respiratory health, reproductive system, skin, and really almost every aspect of our wellness.


Toxic chemicals from cleaning products can end up in our water ways which damage the environment and can enter the food chain.  Volatile organic compounds (VOC) in cleaning products can damage indoor air quality and even contribute to outdoor smog levels.  Many cleaning product containers are not made from recycled materials which can fill our landfills.  By choosing non-toxic products we can support our wellness while supporting the environment too!

Toxins are Bad, Now What?

Maybe you are dealing with one or some of the above health concerns.   Are you thinking that removing toxins from your home care products could improve your life?

If the answer is yes, you are probably wondering.......Now what? How do I take care of my home with out the nasty toxins?  

I can tell you before I did our own toxin-free makeover, I literally used every toxin under the sun.  If there was a prize for the person with the most toxic products, I was the winner. I had ever body spray, room scenting device, cleaner, lotion and more. I was the queen of toxic products. 


To ditch the toxins seemed like an overwhelming and impossible task.  With research and trial and error, I found simple swaps that could support our health.  I took it step by step and completely overhauled our home care products.  I went through the kitchen, living room, bathroom, laundry room, and the whole dang house.  Bit by bit we became 100% toxin free in our choices.  Win!!!

4 Steps to do a Toxin-Free Home Makeover:

 1.  Look at your current home care products and identify the toxic products you are currently using in your home.  If you need help with this portion, check out my Full program below.

2.  Decide which products you will swap to cleaner, toxin-free options.

3.  Find recipes or products to replace your current home care products.  My programs include great recipes and suggestions.

4.  Make the swaps to create your Toxin-Free Home Care Makeover.

The Power of Nature

Removing all toxins from our life is impossible.  They are everywhere!  But we can control the toxins in our homes and everyday living.  Cleaning products, laundry supplies, personal & skin care products, and those things we reach for in our medicine cabinet don't have to be toxic to be effective. 

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Along my journey of removing toxins from our home, I learned about the power of essential oils and simple natural products.  I also learned that just because a label on a bottle says natural that it doesn't mean it is free from toxins.
One of the most eye-opening ingredients was natural “fragrance”.  Products with natural fragrance have become very popular.  You see them all over. But the word fragrance on labels means it could be filled with anything, and that usually means toxins. What we really want is more nature. Having a trusted source for non-toxic products is more important than ever.
Would you eat a bowl of Froot Loops and say oh yeah, I ate a bowl of fruit.
Uh no.  That’s not real fruit. 
I want more nature —real nature and pure essential oils can provide that.

Not only do pure essential oils give us solutions to reduce the number of toxins we use in our homes and on our bodies, they also can provide physical and emotional wellness naturally.  The essential oils I use can support nutritional goals, help us be comfortable as we exercise and move our bodies, support good quality sleep, manage our feelings of stress, and even provide us tools when we need informed self care options.  Essential oils are tools that were put on this earth for us to discover and use wisely.  With the decline of health in our world and the rising costs of western medicine, I want to empower everyone with the education and choices to take back control of their own wellness. 

How would it feel if you could makeover your choices?  Guess what —you can have step by step guidance with your own personal coach, ME!
I can help you reach your goals. One foot in front of the other, each step, each choice, leading you further along to success. Remember, small lifestyle changes can make a huge impact on our quality of life.  

Click here to learn more about essential oils

Makeover Programs

Our Programs include:

  • Education 

  • Simple ideas and recipes and products for swaps that work

  • Program Options for either a do-it-yourself style program or for a customized program with analysis and personalized coaching/support

This isn't "Let's fix everything in a day"'s a journey with little simple steps all along the way that make a huge difference over time.  Let's create your WoW Journey together.

About Petrea Meier


My name is Petrea Meier and I am the Toxin-Free Makeover Artist. I live in a small town in northern Illinois.  I am a hard working house wife who enjoys the outdoors, listening and dancing to good music, traveling, and taking motorcycle rides with my husband, Ryan.


I have always been an artist of sorts.  For over 20 years, I was a dance choreographer and teacher.  After a back surgery, which ended my dancing career, I started teaching step by step painting classes.  My passion for being creative, thinking outside the box, and teaching others has always been my power.  Now, I instill my strengths in ways to help others with wellness.


Before I started my wellness journey, I would light up that smelly thing to try to make the house smell better.  It was filled with toxins and I let it fill my entire home. I washed my counter, I washed my clothes, my hands, my face with so many toxins and had no idea. I didn’t even know......Read More

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