Petrea Meier

dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

My name is Petrea Meier. I live in a small town in northern Illinois.  I am hard working house wife making a difference in this world. I enjoy the outdoors, listening and dancing to good music, traveling, taking motorcycle rides with my husband, Ryan, and taking walks with our boxer dog, Jäger.  I started using and sharing dōTERRA essential oils four and a half years ago. My first experience with oils was for daily occasional foot pain. I had tried many forms of traditional medicine, but they just weren’t cutting it. I tried dōTERRA's Deep Blue for muscle and joint support and I fell in love.  dōTERRA was able to solve a problem I had struggled with for months.  I experienced the power of essential oils and I was impressed.

I purchased a kit of oils and a usage book. Then, I set off on a journey to take control of our daily health needs without toxins, drugs, co-pays, AND full of choices!  When a concern came up, we looked it up in the book and gave an oil a try. Within the first few weeks we supported our immune system, assisted digestive issues, learned to manage stress responses and anxious feelings, and even found a way for me to breathe easier so I wouldn't be so loud as I slept.  All that and it was just the first few weeks.  As time went on, I continued to learn so much more to help us on our health and wellness journey.  Step by step, my husband and I were able to change our lives.

I am committed to help others with their journey to incorporate essential oils and natural wellness products into their daily lifestyle.  With dōTERRA, it is simple, easy steps moving in the direction of an improved state of wellness everyday.  This isn't "Let's fix everything in a day"'s a journey with little simple steps all along the way that make a huge difference over time.  Essential oils can provide physical and emotional wellness naturally.  dōTERRA can support nutritional goals, help us be comfortable as we exercise and move our bodies, assist with us getting good quality sleep, manage our feelings of stress, give us solutions to reduce the number of toxins we use on our bodies and in our homes, and even provide us tools when we need informed self care options.  Essential oils are tools that were put on this earth for us to discover and use wisely.  With the decline of health in our world and the rising costs of western medicine, I want to empower everyone with the ability and choices to take back control of their own wellness.  

Our oil community offers so many learning opportunities and support, that the journey has been super successful!   This community started in 2015 and has grown over the years.  Officially, WōW Widespread ōil Wellness was born in 2018, with members in a huge variety of locations--hence the "widespread" portion of the name.  WoW Journey is my personal group of dōTERRA users that has grown by leaps and bounds to the point I want to offer even more support for our members.  This site was created to support our oil community as it grows with resources and education.  You will meet several of our WoW leaders as you go through your journey.  We are all on the path of natural wellness and are excited to support everyone that is ready to join us.

I love dōTERRA because it gives me freedom. Freedom to take me and my family’s wellness into our own hands. I feel so passionately about these amazing gifts, that I can’t wait to help others experience freedom, too!  I have a deep desire to help make this world a better place by embracing nature's gifts. dōTERRA has also provided me with financial freedom.  I love training others to do the same simple steps that I did to achieve their financial goals.  The products always come first in dōTERRA, but the financial opportunity is available to anyone that chooses that path.  The people that have joined me in sharing the love of dōTERRA are helping to grow love, hope and healing wherever we go.  One person, one step, one drop at a time!

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About the WoW-Journey Community

I love to make sure my oil users are well supported on their oil journey.  I remember what it was like to have lots of questions and a huge desire to learn more ways to use my oils when my first dōTERRA box arrived.  I want everyone on my team to have an amazing experience and get the most out of all of their dōTERRA oils and products.


Exclusive to all WoW-Journey members: Lifestyle Overviews: private appointments to review specific needs and goals, going over product usage, resources connections

  • Oil Camp:  Join us for a 10-day oil camp that goes over the most popular oils, recipes, and safety info.

  • Private Facebook community:  daily posts about dōTERRA and oil uses. This is also a great place to ask oil questions and meet our community of over 1000 members.

  • Monthly newsletter: more oil uses, promos, and community info each month on the 2nd of the month, delivered right to your inbox.

  • Continuing Education:  Attend continuing education classes in person or online through our simple online education center for members.  Just a few of the topics:  

    • Hair & Skin Care

    • Toxin-Free Cleaning 

    • Pets and Essential Oils

    • Sleep, Stress, and Emotions

    • Natural Pain Management

    • Healthy Hormones

    • Essential Oils for All Ages

    • Holiday Gift Ideas

    • and much more

  • Optional Text Updates:  highlighting monthly specials and promos

  • Optional Training: education and mentoring for those that want to share dōTERRA or build a business


About dōTERRA

Not all essential oils are created equally.  Anyone can say their oils are pure, even if they aren't.  dōTERRA goes above and beyond to prove their oils are the purest in the world.  Every batch of oil is tested 54 times from the time the plant is harvested until it reaches the customer.  dōTERRA created the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade certification as no certification on the market was to the high level standards that dōTERRA upholds.  Not only are dōTERRA oils pure, they are also potent.  dōTERRA works directly with farmers to obtain the highest quality plants that produced the best results.  Pure & Potent!!

dōTERRA works directly with farmers to form co-operatives, insure fair and sustainable wages, and even gives back to those communities all around the world with their non-profit organization, the Healing Hands Foundation.  

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