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Petrea Meier
Toxin-Free Makeover Artist

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My name is Petrea Meier and I am the Toxin-Free Makeover Artist. I live in a small town in northern Illinois.  I am a hard working house wife who enjoys the outdoors, listening and dancing to good music, traveling, and taking motorcycle rides with my husband, Ryan.


I have always been an artist of sorts.  For over 20 years, I was a dance choreographer and teacher.  After a back surgery, which ended my dancing career, I started teaching step by step painting classes.  My passion for being creative, thinking outside the box, and teaching others has always been my power.  Now, I instill my strengths in ways to help others with wellness. 


Before I started my wellness journey, I would light up that smelly thing to try to make the house smell better.  It was filled with toxins and I let it fill my entire home. I washed my counter, I washed my clothes, my hands, my face with so many toxins and had no idea. I didn’t even know. 

I didn’t know and that’s okay…I learned. 

In 2015, I was introduced to essential oils.  My first experience with oils was for daily occasional foot pain. I had tried many forms of traditional medicine, but they just weren’t cutting it. I tried an oil for muscle and joint support and I fell in love.  Oils were able to solve a problem I had struggled with for months.  I experienced the power of essential oils and I was impressed.


Once I purchased a kit of oils and a usage book, I set off on a journey to take control of our daily health needs without toxins, drugs, co-pays, AND full of choices!  When a concern came up, we looked it up in the book and gave oils a try. Within the first few weeks we supported our immune system, assisted digestive issues, learned to manage stress responses and anxious feelings, and even found a way for me to breathe easier so I wouldn't be so loud as I slept.  All that and it was just the first few weeks.  

As time went on, I continued to learn so much more to help us on our health and wellness journey.  I learned the importance of removing toxic products for our wellness. Trial and error--swap here and there-- step by step, my husband and I were able to change our lives.  We were able to swap out all of our previous home care and personal care products with solutions that were toxin-free and effective.  The journey blows my mind---WoW, how much my life has changed for the better.

Thanks to the power of plant medicine, I am physically no longer limited by that back surgery from years ago and could return to teaching dance, but I have found my life's purpose and passion.  I am committed to help others with their journey to incorporate essential oils and natural wellness products into their daily lifestyle.  I want to help everyone create their own WoW Journey.  

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